Real Estate Jobs and Employment

Here are some useful resources that will provide you with career advice and assist you in finding employment in the real estate industry:


Employment Opportunites Website

We have launched a free Employment Opportunities Website so potential employers can post their latest vacancies. Notifications of new job opportunities added to the site are posted to our Facebook page and discussed in the class with current students. Employers are regularly posting job vacancies and students, both past and present, are getting a lot of great opportunities from this.


Free Information Sessions

The Real Estate Training College provides free, no obligation career advice during regular morning sessions held throughout the year. We also invite you to come along to have a chat about your career opportunities.


Tips For How To Secure Employment In The Real Estate Industry


Online Real Estate Industry Positions Available

Direct links to the real estate sections of Australia’s major job listings web sites.


Online Real Estate Recruitment Companies

Direct links to Recruitment Companies that will assist you into the Real Estate Industry.