Looking for Employment?


To secure Employment in the Real Estate Industry you often need to go beyond traditional ways of applying for a job such as sending off resumes to multiple real estate offices.

Although still important to do this, in today's competitive world it will not guarantee you a position. You need to create an opportunity to meet established, successful and experienced real estate agents keen to expand their business by working with exciting new talent.

Talk to staff at the Real Estate Training College about your training options and be fully informed when approaching perspective employers.



The Real Estate Training College provides a website dedicated to current employment opportunities.

Like our Facebook page to be notified of all current employment opportunities and keep up to date with career evenings operated by the real estate franchise groups.



Meeting a potential employer so they can witness your energy and enthusiasm can be vital for securing a real estate position. Be creative.

Identify all the Real Estate companies within 10-kilometres – approx. 15-minute drive – of where you live. Identify the company owner/principal via the company website or phone the office.

Once you have a name, go to realestate.com.au and/or look through the newspaper to ascertain the open inspections to be run by the principal, owner or a successful salesperson who may be on the lookout for a personal assistant. This presents you with your opportunity to watch an experienced real estate agent at work but, more importantly, to meet and introduce yourself.

Be discreet. This is a workplace, and the agent may be busy showing buyers around the property. Introduce yourself in a quiet moment:
“Hello, my name is Sophie. I am enrolled at the Real Estate Training College and I would love to discuss a career in real estate with you. Would Tuesday be a good day for you or would Wednesday suit you better?”

Ensure you mention you are enrolled to study at the College. This demonstrates you are proactive and seriously interested in a career in real estate.